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Wonder Kids is a talent-supporting child care concept for children from nursery to pre-school which playfully fosters the children's personality according to their abilities and talents.

Every child is unique. It has its own personality, individual skills and talents. These must be discovered and promoted early on. In promoting talent, we're guided by Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory and Gallup's StrengthsExplorer for Children. One of the key aspects of our educational concept is that we do not expose children to stressful test situations but make sure they can show their strengths, interests and talents in a playful way. We support these in the community.

Everyone has talents that enrich a community. The early and appreciative recognition strengthens self-esteem and sense of community alike. Our goal is to accompany the children in their early years to help them determine their talents and use them consciously and responsibly. Later on in life, the children can do meaningful work they love and find fulfilment in so that they can contribute to the good of our society and change the world for the better.

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